World Merit is providing a great opportunity for millennials called Merit Next. It’s a fully funded, inclusive year-long leadership program which emphasizes travel, personal development and skills-building for promising talent of today – to build the leaders of tomorrow.

The program is of international scope and accepts candidates from all over the world, flies them to the US and UK, provides a platform for international online collaboration, and helps them develop themselves as well as their own initiatives over the span of a year. It’s a fantastic chance to learn and grow while developing practical skills for the real-world.


Merit Next is opened to all young people worldwide aged 18 to 30. The main requirement to be selected for Merit Next is to prove you are “of Merit” and this means that you have the passion and determination to not let any obstacle get in your way when it comes to making a positive impact both locally and globally!


The program starts with two weeks in the UK, involves 11 months of online mentoring and collaborating on a global project then concludes with two weeks in the USA.

It will cost you no money to apply to the program and during the two weeks in the UK and USA your flights, accommodation and food are all covered.

How to Apply?

You can dive in the application process here. First you need to register by signing up a profile of your own here. Once signed in you will be able to see the “Merit Next Application” option. You won’t be able to complete it all in one go as it has been designed to mirror your progress in World Merit. However, use your time wisely and get started as soon as you can.

Deadline: 15 April, 2014

To see more details of how Merit Next works check out here.


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