Prijavite se na master studij iz oblasti političkih nauka u Salzburgu

PoSIG vam daje priliku da upišete master studije iz oblasti političkih nauka u Salzburgu u akademskoj 2021/2022. godini. Konkurs vam u cjelosti prenosimo ispod.

PoSIG call for applicants 2021 starts!


Applicants with BA in Political Science or Internationonal Relations welcome to apply for PoSIG placement starting with the academic year 2021/22. The deadline for applications will be 15 April 2021.


University of Salzburg will offer Erasmus+ grants for the first year in Salzburg. Further details about the curriculum, consortium and conditions for participation are available at

Applications have to be made online.

About PoSIG

PoSIG is a joint two year (120ECTS) MA program covering all fields of Political Science. PoSIG as curriculum is offered from nine partner universities from Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and North Makedonia. Partner from Montenegro and Serbia will join the consortium in the next year.

PoSIG joint degree is given by all universities from the consortium a student has attended during the two year studies for at least one academic term.

PoSIG is a demanding programme to the students – they need a BA in Political Science or International Relation as entrance criteria and a strong will for academic mobility during their two PoSIG years entirely taught in English.

PoSIG combines methodology and theory driven academic teaching with reality based and student-centered research connecting to the world of policy making an its needs. PoSIG is not only teaching about European model of multilateral politics but is also a multilateral consortium of universities granting highest academic recognition and quality of teaching and management with European Accreditation by AQ Austria.


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