Merit and Need Scholarships for Master in Wealth Management at Luxembourg School of Finance [ENG]

Several scholarships are available to finance the Master in Wealth Management at Luxembourg School of Finance.

Several scholarships are available to finance the Master in Wealth Management at Luxembourg School of Finance.

All require a formal application, consisting of a cover letter and an essay to be sent to mwm@uni.lu. The deadline is July 5th. Only accepted and enrolled students can apply for scholarships.

Two kinds of scholarship are distinguished:

  • “merit and need” (M&N) scholarships,
  • “special categories” (SC) scholarships.

M&N scholarships

The LSF Foundation and several other institutions have agreed to provide at least €50,000 in scholarships to fulltime MWM students. The maximum scholarship is €8,000 per student.

Students wishing to apply for an M&N scholarship need to write an essay to substantiate both merit and need. The maximum word count for this essay is 800 words. Please send your essay together with a coverletter and send it to: mwm@uni.lu.

A scholarship committee, consisting of sponsors and representatives of the University of Luxembourg will allocate the available funding.

Students who apply for a scholarship will be notified of the committee's decision in early July. All scholarships are conditional on completing the registration and payment of a €2,000 deposit to reserve a place in the programme.

The scholarship committee will allocate the available scholarships between the M&N sponsors. Sponsors may disclose the name of the scholarship recipient(s) and give him/her a welcome reception or award.

Special Category scholarships

In addition to the Merit and Need scholarship, several additional scholarships are available, each of €3,000. To be awarded any of the below-mentioned scholarships, applicants need to write additional essays, responding to questions set by the sponsors.
Among the sponsors there are:

  • ALRiM (the Luxembourg Association for Risk Management)
  • ALCO (the Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers),
  • CCAB (the Consultative Committee of Accounting Bodies in Luxembourg),
  • Banque de Luxembourg,
  • KBL European Private Bankers,
  • Banque DeGroof Luxembourg.

For more information, please see the attachment bellow, and visit the following link: www.uni.lu



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