MrKortingscode’s Study Abroad Scholarship

Here at MrKortingscode we are proud to call ourselves a truly international company. Our employees are based all over the world and many have Studied and worked abroad.

Foto: MrKortingscode
Foto: MrKortingscode

Studying abroad is not only a fun way to experience a new country, it is ook a great way to develop yourself as a person. We know how valuable this period can be. Therefore we would like to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself. Our scholarship is Intended for a student who is excited about the opportunity to gain international experience.

In order to apply for this scholarship you must be enrolled in a bachelor's or master's program and planning to study one semester or more abroad. Further application requirements see below.

The scholarship will be Awarded to one student based on the motivational essay as well as fulfillment of all the requirements.

Students can apply directly on website. The following requirements must be met:

  • Be able to provide proof of enrolment in a full-time bachelor’s or master’s program abroad (you will be asked to provide proof before being awarded the scholarship)
  • Intending to study one semester or more abroad at one of our partner universities.
  • Write a motivational essay (500 words)
  • If you are awarded the scholarship: Answer a few interview questions over email and provide a picture of yourself which will be used for an article on our website

Motivational essay: Requirements

  • 500 words (±10%)
  • The essay can be written directly in the application form or attached to the application form in PDF format
  • Describe what attracts you to studying abroad, and why studying in another country will be valuable for you in terms of your future goals

Important dates:

  • Application deadline: 1st August 2017.