Otvoren javni poziv za tri sudionika iz Bosne i Hercegovine za EQ+: Emocionalna inteligencija u međunarodnim volonterskim projektima u Samoboru

Ne propustite svoju priliku da učestvujete u treningu!

Oglas prenosimo u cjelosti:

  • Name of the project: “EQ+: Emotional intelligence in international volunteering projects”
  • Date of Project: 19.09.2021 – 28.09.2021.
  • Hosting organization: “Udruga za promicanje pozitivne afirmacije mladih u društvu “Impress””
  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO“
  • Place: Samobor, Croatia
  • Participants age: + 18
  • The number of participants : 3
  • Working language: English
  • Deadline for applying: 24.08.2021

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Program. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the European Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. By Erasmus+ rules organizers will cover travel costs, accommodation and food.

“EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is the capacity of a person to recognize, manage and control his/her own emotions and the ability to recognize and manage the emotions of others, judiciously and empathetically.”

AIM – of this project is to support professional development of youth workers, coordinators, leaders and mentors in the field of emotional intelligence, in the context of international volunteering projects.

We looking for:

  • Participants are actively involved in the work of partner organization as employed or volunteers, preferably working as volunteers’ coordinators
  • Participants have a good command of English language
  • Participants are familiar with basic principles of youth work and non-formal education
  • Group consists of different genders

Training course will take place in Samobor, a lovely, small city near Zagreb. Our venue will be Hostel Samobor which is located in the city center and has all needed facilities. Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms with other people from the group. Seminar room is within the hostel. Meals and coffee breaks will be provided at the hostel, in line with specific requirements
provided through participant’s form. Bathrooms are shared on the floor. Please, take your towel and
personal hygienic things you might need.

  • Arrival date: 19 September 2021
  • Departure date: 28 September 2021

It is recommended to obtain travel health insurance which will cover period of your stay in Croatia. For the participants coming from the EU member states it is recommended to obtain European Health Insurance Card. Insurance costs are not eligible for reimbursement

At the moment, people from EU member states, same as from the countries outside the EU can enter Croatia by enclosing one of the following proves:

  • negative PCR or RAT test (not older than 72/48hr from the moment of taking the swab)
  • proof of vaccination (only one or two doses!!)
  • proof of recovery from COVID19 in last 180 days

For entering Croatia, please, read carefully all the details and updates here.
Do not forget to fill in enter Croatia form before arrival.

Keep your covid test and invoice (we need both) since we might reimburse these costs as well. Percentage of reimbursement depends on how many people will
need tests and on final total amount.



As an integral part of the international projects, we will also have intercultural evening. In order to present your culture and country to the others, we kindly ask you to bring with you some food, sweets, drinks etc. Also, feel free to bring or create anything else that will present it in a funny and creative way (PPTs are out of the fashion) 🙂


We will work a lot but we will also have some free time. There are several options to spend it efficiently:


We have some but we also encourage you to take some with you while comming.


During the free afternoon, you can chose among several possibilities:

  • Visiting Zagreb
  • Going for hiking Samobor castle or vineyards
  • Renting a bike and go for a ride
  • Visiting Grgosova cave etc.

Currency used in Croatia is Croatian kuna (HRK) – 1EUR=7,5 HRK – You can exchange your money in exchange offices at the airport or bus station, banks and some tobacco shops. Keep in mind that paying in Euro is not possible.
Weather forecast: September is still summer time so temperatures at that time of the year can be high, especially during the day. However, evenings and nights can be fresh so make sure you bring some thick and warm clothes. Rain is very likely too so it is not bad to have umbrella:) Pack smart!
COVID19 situation: situation in Croatia is under the control with low number of isolated cases. Distancing measures are being enforced and wearing face mask is obligatory in public transportation, shops and closed spaces. All the updates are regulary published on link provided earlier in this infpack.

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